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“Why stay within your comfort zone, when beyond it there is so much more to experience”


Optimizing climate ensures a better production.


Using lighting to create the ideal climate in your stable for you and your animals.


Help your employees perform at their best by using lighting to create a pleasant and safe working environment.

‘The past ten years have been fantastic and we look forward with confidence to the next ten. We are highly motivated to continue along our path and achieve many more wonderful projects in the future.’


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We are service providers, meaning that we guide you throughout the entire process. We thoroughly discuss the details with you regarding your preferences and any important aspects pertaining to lighting. We also consider your processes, which help determine how we can further optimise your lighting.

Based on the information we have gathered, we create a lighting plan. This plan could contain multiple options and is created specifically for you. We work together with you to assess which option best suits your company. (Read more)

We always work by the code of conduct from the NSVV when creating a light plan. This way you are sure that the light plan is made by a specialist.

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2. Development

3. Implementation

4. Delivery

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‘’Get inspired by the possibilities for lighting up your organisation

Get inspired by the possibilities for lighting up your organisation