Getting the best out of your animals all year without compromising on welfare and health.

Getting the most out of your animals year-round without sacrificing their well-being and health demands that your stable has an optimised climate. A light level of at least 150 lux combined with a light duration of at least 16 hours ensures that your animals will continue to perform at their best. In addition, sufficient lighting results in a calmer herd and healthier animals. Sufficient lighting provides you with a clearer overview of your animals and abnormalities become more visible, making it easier to work.

The values mentioned above are easily achieved in the summer months. But in the winter months, artificial lighting is needed to achieve the same values. The optimal climate for your stable is not only achieved by creating the correct light level, but more importantly by ensuring that this light is evenly distributed. Uneven lighting creates shadows and dark spots, which not only causes unrest in your animals but also fails to provide you with a clear overview.

Proper lighting is not only achieved by applying new lighting in your stable. Lighting can only add value if a well thought-out and thorough lighting plan has been developed. Creating a good lighting plan for your stable requires knowledge of lighting and your business operations. Rofianda has extensive experience in livestock farming and knows which aspects are important for your business. 

Our fixtures

resistant to dust and water

Dust and moisture are unavoidable in stable environments. Fixtures have to be able to withstand these factors in order to maintain the climate of the stable. In addition, differences in installation height should not affect the lighting your animals experience. Fixtures with different power outputs are a perfect solution here. However, the same fixture design should be used, allowing for uniform light distribution without sacrificing any of the lighting quality. Thanks to the wide beam angle of the Rofianda fixtures, the lighting is evenly distributed and shadows are reduced.

Rofianda has several available options. We look forward to working with you to find the best solution for your particular situation.


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