Every equestrian company needs different lighting. We have the knowledge and experience to advise you.

The light level is determined based on the type of sport practised as well as the level, application and requirements. After all, every equestrian company is unique with its own particular set of qualities. That is why it is also very important for lighting to contribute to the image a company wishes to project. In addition, lighting should align with the location’s purpose. A location where only training/lessons take place may require a different lighting solution than a location that houses competitions.

Having knowledge and experience in the field of equestrian sports is important in creating a good lighting plan. Shadows and unevenly distributed lighting (specks of light/zebra patterns) should be avoided. These types of situations can cause unrest in horses and are not pleasant for riders or employees. The lighting in the stable is also important for maintaining a clear overview and for improving the welfare of the animals.

Rofianda has extensive knowledge and experience in the equestrian sector, is a premium partner of the FNRS, strategic partner of the Nationaal Hippisch Centrum (National Equestrian Centre) and has conducted several studies into the influence of lighting on horses. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we understand better than anyone else which aspects are important for your facilities.

Our fixtures

no glares for horses or riders

The fixtures used should not create any glares in order to prevent startling the horses and causing discomfort for the animals and the riders. In addition, a wide beam angle is preferable, which allows the light to be evenly distributed and keeps shadows to a minimum. It is also important for light fixtures to be suited to stables and riding facilities, meaning that fixtures must be both dust and water/moisture resistant.

Apart from dust and water resistance and having a wide beam angle, Rofianda fixtures also prevent glares, avoiding any discomfort to the horses, riders and employees. If desired, the fixtures can be equipped with a dimming feature, so that a suitable light level can be selected for each individual use.

Should the use of emergency lighting be preferred/required, this can also be provided. It is also possible to choose a fixture with adjustable power outputs. This means that the same fixtures can be used throughout the company, which will help maintain a uniform image.


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