With our solutions and possibilities we can offer an answer on almost every lighting challange.

On our website we have highlighted a number of industries in which we are active. This does not mean, however, that those are the only options. With our range of solutions and options, we can solve virtually any lighting issue.

We feel right at home in challenging environments where lighting means much more than just buying a lamp. We excel in environments where dust, moisture or other specific requirements are present. Our knowledge and products have been proven many times with customers such as FujiFilm, Ahoy, RAI, Schiphol, IFF, Coral Baths Center Parcs and many others.

We are also happy to help if you have a less specific question, and are just in need of honest expert advice. For example, our lighting solutions are also frequently used in car washes, schools and in the health care sector.

Our products are developed according to our own specifications or are carefully selected by us. You can rest assured that you are receiving a product that meets our quality requirements.

Some of our fixtures

We are happy to work together with you to find options for your ideal solution. Interested? Feel free to contact us.

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