Keeping a clear overview is an important factor for your industrial space. Lighting is a critical point.


Keeping a clear overview is an important factor for your industrial space. Lighting plays a crucial role in this – bothersome and/or reflective surfaces should be prevented. Rofianda lighting ensures optimised ergonomics in industrial spaces: an even distribution of light on the floor, walls and in the areas around the machines is achieved through combining the correct installation of the light fixtures with the proper beam angle of the light.

Another important aspect is light colour. This should be in line with the work to be carried out and the products that are produced. Making use of the right light colour helps abnormalities to be identified more easily and helps quality checks to be carried out more accurately.

LED’s sustainable character also ensures optimised energy use in addition to greater work satisfaction. It also facilitates maintenance of the installation, helping to reduce operational costs.

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In industrial environments, it is important for a light fixture to be able to withstand various types of dust, fluctuating temperatures and external shocks relating to the ‘traffic’ in the space. Rofianda used input from the market to develop its light fixtures for industrial applications. It has taken user convenience into account: the fixtures boast a modular design and contribute to higher operational reliability.

A variety of fixtures can be applied depending on the location of the lighting as well as your own preferences and requirements. If desired, fixtures can be fitted with internal emergency power batteries and/or motion sensors. In addition, Rofianda offers several options for creating ‘intelligent’ lighting. For more information, we refer you to our partner page.


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