An optimised stable climate that pays for itself thanks to improved production, it’s possible with lighting.

An optimised stable climate that pays for itself thanks to improved production. Lighting is the solution! This is possible by combining a lighting level of at least 100 lux, a daylight spectrum and the unique Rofianda light fixtures. Research from Wageningen Livestock Research (WLR) on weaned piglets using Rofianda lighting has shown that the right light can ensure better growth, better feed intake and better feed conversion.

In addition to an improved (living) climate, the right lighting also provides a better overview of the animals. Work can be carried out more easily and animal care is made more efficient. If the right fixtures are used, outages and lighting maintenance can also be reduced

WLR has conducted research into the effects of LED lighting. Rofianda served as a partner in WLR’s research, advising and delivering the lighting. To read the whole report, click here.

Our fixtures

easy to install and replace

Fixtures in pig stalls must be resistant to ammonia, dust and water. In addition, convenient installation is also highly important. Fixtures should be easily replaceable in the event of a defect. The animals should experience as little discomfort as possible in this process. Installation is also made more convenient by placing the fixtures in a ‘favourable’ position. Installing fixtures with a wide beam angle has the great advantage of not always having to place the fixtures above the pens. In addition, thanks to the wide beam angle, the light can be distributed more evenly across the areas, helping to reduce shadows

In addition to the above specifications, Rofianda fixtures are available in different power outputs. This means we can offer a suitable solution for any type of stable.

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