Creating a safe feeling for visitors in your car park is very important.

Creating a safe feeling for visitors in your car park is very important. Being able to see clearly heightens this feeling of safety. In addition, keeping a clear overview is not only important in helping to find the car quickly, but also for being able to easily keep an eye out for other visitors and traffic in the garage. This reduces the risk of accidents.

For you as a manager, keeping an overview is important in guaranteeing the safety of your visitors.

By using the right lighting with the right colour, camera images can be read more accurately and visitors will feel more comfortable/safer. The light colour used depends on the finish of the floor and the walls. The colours have a significant impact on how the lighting is ultimately experienced.


Our fixtures

vandal-resistant and easy to install

In parking garages, light fixtures are generally mounted at lower heights and are therefore more susceptible to vandalism. Rofianda fixtures are IK10 and IP66, meaning that they are not only resistant to vandalism, but they are also resistant to moisture and dust. In addition, the fixtures have a wide beam angle, helping them to distribute light evenly and keep shadows to a minimum.

The fixtures are easy to install and can be equipped with an extra cord or extended cable linking options, making installation even easier and more convenient.

Rofianda understands that no two parking garages are the same. That is why we are happy to discuss with you the specifics of your particular car park and your preferences. Based on this information, we will draw up a lighting plan that takes into account the aspects discussed.


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