A comfortable office environment is created with suitable lighting.

Offices are commonly equipped with digital screens. Incorrect lighting in combination with the light emitted by digital screens can be frustrating for your employees and even cause health problems such as migraines.

A calm and pleasant office environment is achieved in part by using a suitable light colour. Ambient influences such as the colour of the furniture, the floors and the walls have a major influence on how lighting is ultimately experienced. That means that creating the right atmosphere depends on applying the right light colour.

In addition to ambient factors, the layout of the room also has a major impact on lighting. Workstations must be taken into account when creating the lighting plan and during final installation. Incorrectly placed fixtures may force employees to work in their own shadows, which can be a very frustrating experience.

Our fixtures

always great lighting in the workplace

Office lighting should contribute to achieving an ideal work environment. Accomplishing this requires high quality light fixtures that have been installed correctly. Fixtures should contribute to the atmosphere without sacrificing any of the lighting quality.

Different solutions can be applied depending on the design of the ceiling and the preferences of the user. In order to prevent glare on screens and paper, it is important to install fixtures that create an even distribution of light. For offices, Rofianda always uses fixtures with a matted cover, which helps prevent any glare in the work space.

Fixtures can be produced with different power outputs or with a dimming function. This creates the ideal lighting level for each individual room.

Rofianda understands the challenges that lighting poses in office environments. We work together with you to map out your particular lighting issue and help you find a suitable solution.


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