With clear and even lighting employees feel safer.

Choosing the right lighting for outdoor areas contributes to improved safety. Proper lighting helps you keep a clear overview of your premises, making employees feel more comfortable and creating a safer work environment.

Correctly positioned LED lighting using a bright lamp colour ensures higher quality camera images. This also means that uninvited guests will be less likely to visit your property.

One very important aspect in lighting outdoor areas is the photobiological safety class of the light fixtures. The guideline (NEN-EN-IEC 62471:2008 en;fr) is intended to protect employee health against any risks that may occur as a result of LED radiation.

The intensity and lens construction of the light source and fixtures determine the safety class of the light fixtures. The actual risk of permanent damage to the eye is determined by distance to the light source, duration of exposure and the power output of the source. Rofianda always keeps you well-informed on photobiological safety and the precautions that can be taken.

Our fixtures

pole or wall mounted

Depending on your preferences and intended use, there are a variety of special light fixtures available. This process of selecting a product takes into account the fixture’s glare factor, its placement and also attempts to minimise any light pollution in the surrounding area.

You can choose from a selection of very narrow to very wide beam angles, a number of different mounting options, power outputs from 10W to 1500W as well as different models.

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