Depending on type of sport and level different lightlevels are requested.

Sports facilities are intended as a place for visitors to enjoy sports and games. Several target groups often make use of the same sports facilities at different times. Each target group has its own preferences and requirements when it comes to lighting and light levels. Flexibility is highly important in being able to offer a suitable light level to each of these target groups. In addition, the lighting should be easy to control, allowing each user to set the lighting to the desired level.

Different light levels are required depending on the sport and the level at which the sport is practiced. However, well-distributed light is important for any sport and at every level. Shadows and dark spots can be frustrating for all users of the facilities.

It is also important for athletes to be able to clearly see the court linings and markings. Light colour plays a major role here, but how the light colour is ultimately experienced is partly determined by the finish used on the floors, walls and ceilings. For this reason, applying a clear daylight colour is recommended. This bright daylight colour not only contributes to keeping a clearer overview, but also to higher quality photos and video recordings.

Our fixtures

minimalised shadows

The light fixtures in a sports facility should not create any glare. In addition, it is also important for fixtures to be suited to the application for which they are used. For example, light fixtures used on courts have to meet different requirements than those used above swimming pools.

Rofianda offers a wide range of fixtures, meaning that it can always offer a suitable solution. Thanks to the wide beam angle of the fixtures combined with the matted PMMA cover, the fixtures do not create any glare at all.

The fixtures are switchable or dimmable and can also be equipped with an emergency battery. Rofianda has several partners that provide lighting control systems. If you are interested in optimising the use of your lighting with a control solution, we will be happy to support you in the process.


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