Optimizing climate ensures a better production.

Almost every grower experiences differences in crops between seasons. These differences are mainly caused by influence of the climate during a specific season. For an optimal and equal development of the crop during the year the climate in the greenhouses must be controlled to perfection. Artificial lighting must have the right intensity to reinforce the effects of sunlight. It’s well-known that most crops grow best with sunlight.

For the past years Rofianda has developed an artificial light source that is a full spectrum led light. The spectral curve of this led light is equal to the curve of sunlight, set up of different light-recipes during the various phases of growth is no longer necessary. You will only have to program the intensity of the light output.

The bright daylight colour of the fixture render a better overview on the crop, making deviations and sickness easier to notice. The bright daylight colour also creates a better overview of the harvest, which makes harvesting easier and generates a lower margin of error during the harvest.

Our knowledge about horticultural lighting is gained by Ronald. His background in the bioprocess-technology, knowledge gained by former employers and the projects he has developed ensures that he is working with lighting for plants over 25 years now. For example Ronald worked with Max Planck institutes (MPI). Monsanto/Bayer, Syngenta and the algae laboratory on Antarctica. Besides al this Ronald is inventor of all the Phytotron systems for Universities of Leiden, Utrecht and Groningen.

DISCLAIMER: As far as solutions for cannabis production are concerned, Rofianda only supplies in countries where the cultivation of cannabis is legalized and the customers are licensed as defined by local laws. Rofianda might verify these licenses.

Our fixtures

full spectrum led

In co-operation with Seoul Semiconductor Rofianda has developed a light fixture provided with the Sunlike v2 full spectrum led chip (380-780nm). The fixture consists of 2 modules of each 180cm which creates an even spreading of the light on the bed. The PPFD value is 500µmol/m2/s.

The fixture is impactproof (IK10), dust- and waterproof (IP66) and is cooled by natural convection. This means the fixture is resistant against moist in the greenhouses and on behalf of its structure easy to install and maintain.

Options for switchable or dimmable fixtures are available, so the desired light output can be controlled.

Because of the individual requirements for each horti cultural project, we like to evaluate your specific desire.


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