Let me inspire you about the possibilities of light for your organization’

Ronald Gronsveld

What is his best skill?

Actually, Ronald can do just about anything. But most of all, he really enjoys tackling lighting issues that do not have an immediately obvious solution. In addition to his extensive knowledge of lighting, Ronald also knows quite a bit about other related things, such as electricity.

How did he gain his knowledge?

Thanks to his studies in Bioprocess technology and in his more than 20 years of experience with lighting and its applications. He has also gained extensive experience in the business world throughout his career. To share his knowledge and keep it up-to-date, Ronald was a member for 5 years of the NEN commission for lighting and currently is member the NSVV core team for indoor lighting, and he regularly gives lectures and presentations.

What else can you tell us about him?

Ronald was born and raised in Delft and is married to Fiona. They have two daughters together. Ronald can often be found on the golf course where he continues to work hard on his handicap. But much to the disappointment of his family, he is not at all interested in any crazy ideas like golf cart jumping.