The same high quality, yearround

Crop development is largely influenced by the seasons. The lack or excess of sunlight has a major influence on the crop. Although every crop needs a different light intensity, many crops grow best under sunlight. However, a lack or excess of sunlight is more common than the desirable intensity and exposure time. As a result, high, uniform quality cultivation is not feasible all year round.

With our experience we understand the added value of growing all year round. This is not only about being able to continuously supply the same high-quality product, but also to be able to bind your employees to the company all year round. As a result of which you achieve continuity in all areas.

Being able to provide the same quality of sunlight all year round for the same lighting hours is possible with Rofianda’s solutions. Thanks to the special sunlight LED chip, not only all wavelengths are captured, but this also happens almost in the natural ratio. You are no longer dependent on the seasons, but the same crop can be grown all year round. To cover all stages of cultivation, the lighting is easily dimmable, so that the correct light level can always be set.

Light in practise

Only determine the light level and adjust it. Suitable for any crop

Vision on light

why sunlight is frm great influence in greenhouses

Our solutions

With our sunlight solution, the crop gets everything it needs, without adding extra heat. Yearround production, easily at your fingertips.

Case study

Urban Agrotech

Maassluis, the Netherlands

Vincent van der Gaag, son of a dutch greenhouse builder, strives to develop a concept in which he applies a unique vertical cultivation system in a container. These containers are ment to be used worldwide, in urban environments.

Curious about the full case stury? Download here.

De Kruidenaer

Etten-Leur, the Netherlands

A passionate grower of all kind of herbs and peppers. Research into innovations is taken very seriously, so people are curious about artifical sunlight. Which lighting is best for cultivation? They have tested colored leds from various manufacturers hang in the test set-up. They are not dissatisfied, but can it be done better?

Curious about the case study? Download here.

De Peelkroon

Amerika, the Netherlands

The Peelkroon has the desire to harvest strawberries during the winter months, this is only possible if sufficient sunlight is available. In the newly built greenhouse it is important that sufficient sunlight is there, but the light must also be ergonomically correct for the staff. The first trial harvest contained much more fruit per m2 than usual and the taste is excellent. The staff also likes to work under natural light.

Curious about the full case study? Download here.


Dinterloord, the Netherlands

Fromboer is a beautiful company that has been growing various types of lettuce for 15 years and want to do this in the most environmentally friendly way. Arjan and Leonard have been dealing with the lighting issue for a while. Various spectra have been reviewed and tested, without the desired end result. They want to be able to grow varieties that the market demands and that does not work with a limited spectrum.

Curious about the full case study? Download here.

Nature's Alliance

Harmelen, the Netherlands

Rolf Vijverberg from Harmelen grows a unique pepper; the Enjoya. He does not do this alone, but in a consortium, as the name of the company indicates. Growing all year round is what motivates Rolf to look at new techniques, including lighting. After all, his customers also ask for his product during the dark period of the year. Good light is the only element missing from October to March.

Curious about the full case study? Then download here.

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