Let me inspire you about the possibilities of light for your organization’

Fiona Gronsveld

What is her best skill?

Fiona handles the financial work at Rofianda. In addition, she is also responsible for all of the human resource matters within Rofianda.

How did she gain her knowledge?

Her extensive work experience in a variety of different companies has provided Fiona with all the knowledge she needs in finance, office management and human resources.

What else can you tell us about her?

Fiona is married to Ronald. Her Delft roots are strong, even after all these years in Brabant she still speaks Dutch with a western accent. Their 2 daughters and their entourage make sure that she puts her organisational skills to good use at home, too. She also enjoys the time she spends with her four-legged friends both large and small: her horse, Amazingh and her dog, Sem.