Let me inspire you about the possibilities of light for your organization’

Johan de Brouwer
Technology, lighting design and project management

What is his best skill?

Johan is specialised in creating lighting plans with Dialux EVO. These lighting plans lay the foundations for our projects. Because of his technical involvement in our projects, Johan is also included in project management on a regular basis. Together with Ronald, Johan also uses his technical expertise to help further develop our light fixtures.

How did he gain his knowledge?

Before Johan joined our team, he worked at an installation company. He started as an assistant mechanic and then became better acquainted with lighting and electricity. Over the years, he gained a wealth of experience in project leadership. He has further developed this knowledge at Rofianda.

What else can you tell us about him?

Besides being a Willem II supporter and expert Dialux user, Johan is also a passionate handyman. For example, he remodelled his house from top to bottom. But he did leave it to his wife to choose the lighting.