Rofianda B.V. preffered supplier Wienerberger Netherlands

Wienerberger is converting the production sites in the Netherlands to more sustainable sites. As a replacement of the current lighting (mostly fluorescent or HPI) different led lighting solutions were inquired. After a thorough selection procedure Rofianda is selected as preferred supplier for lighting. Currently Wienerberger has 16 production sites in the Netherlands, each have their own challenges. The flexibility in the products form Rofianda makes that we can offer a suitable solution for every site, dimmable or switchable. Each fixture is IK10 (impact proof) and IP66 (dust- and water-resistant), which makes them perfect for production environments. Rofianda will also provide in the lighting for outside areas and office spaces.

If desired the lighting on the production locations can be equipped with a Nedap IoT node. In combination with the Luxon Light system lighting can be aligned with motion and daylight. Fixtures accommodated with the Luxon Light system are dimmable which not only creates a higher efficiency, but also generates higher energy savings.